Our Platform

BondXN delivers a seamless and fully optimized
experience through intensive technology development
and constant collaboration with professionals who sit
at the forefront of our market.

The BondXN Advantage

The BondXN platform allows users to seamlessly communicate and transact with multiple counterparties, in real-time, over a secure network.

Efficient counterparty engagement

Replace email spamming with a platform that allows for both permissioned data distribution as well as targeted one-on-one communication.

Better visibility to the market

Engage an aggregated market with an active community of market makers and serious buyside investors.

Trade with conviction

Access to current and past market activity allows for more accurate pricing and informed investment decisions.

Reduce processing errors

Using a centralized system where everyone contributes data directly eliminates the processing errors created when data is transposed manually from messages.


Create an optimal workflow by managing access to data and features based on an employee’s role and responsibility.

API Access

Access to real-time data allows integration with proprietary recommendation engines, analytics and position keeping systems.

BondXN Functionality